Reupholster Furniture

Reupholstery vs New

A lot of people have difficulties detaching from their old furniture. Its is understandable, you may have spent a lot of money on it, or it might have been passed on from generation to generation. Now that a pet has chewed on the leather, kids have dropped their spaghetti sauce on it and some red wine spilt on it from that party last week. The question is “is it worth it to reupholster?”

The first thing to consider is to ask is this an antique? or does it have sentimental value?  If so, it is difficult to replace these so your best option is to find someone that has experience to reupholster the item.

One thing most people don’t realize is that buying a new piece will often cost you less then a reupholstery. The cost of reupholstery includes the labour of un-upholstering the item, cutting a new pattern, adding new materials used in the product and the labor to reupholster.

<p”>These are just some question you should ask yourself when deciding which direction you want to go. If you answer yes to any you may choose to reupholstering your piece.

  • Does this piece have sentimental value?
  • Is it a valuable antique?
  • Do you love the frame and can’t seem to find anything else that fits?
  • Does the piece have solid frame, springs and foam?
  • Are you willing to pay more to reupholstering vs buying new?
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